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The website looks okay. It doesn’t immediately give the feel that you’re on a news website, much in the sense that most other news websites do. The top red/black bar does like a news website and I like how they have divided sections of the website per continent, it is definitely very internationally oriented.

But I think that both the choice of font color for the headlines and the relatively big amount of empty space between two articles -as seen in the screenshot below- takes away from the feel of a news website and I think it could use some redesigning. It looks as if there is not a lot of content, even though there is, you just need to scroll all the way down. It’s attractive, but could be more functional. What I love about the layout is that there is almost no advertising.

The website is updated constantly, as soon as a new story comes out it’s on BBC. They also have a live stream of the BBC news channel that you can follow. It shows on top when the last update was and I have not seen that be more than 10 minutes.

BBC’s writing style is pretty standard, using the BBC News Style Guide. It is not much different that I can tell from AP style, although it is clearly British English and not American English. Especially evident in the sports section where football means football, and not that game with that lemon-shaped thing.

According to the style guide, “the key to good writing is simple thoughts simply expressed.” This is reflected in the writing style of the website. They use relatively short sentences that are easy to understand.


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I chose to analyze because I go on their website on a regular basis. I think BBC is a very well respected broadcasting company. I have been trying to get an internship with them and I would love to work for them one day. I am from the Netherlands and although I keep up with U.S. national news, my main interest is international news and in my opinion European news organizations do a better job at that. Besides that, because I no longer live in the Netherlands and sometimes feel a bit out of the loop on what is going on in my country, I want to be as informed as possible about European news.

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