BBC’s Interactive Media on U.S. Presidential Elections

In News Website Analysis on March 12, 2012 at 8:42 pm

The presidential elections are in the news everywhere on a daily basis. BBC dedicated an entire page to the election with different angles, background stories, explanations and graphs.

At the top of the page they have the headline that is the biggest story of the day. Right underneath there is a bar with some videos. Most of the videos are short newscasts about political debates or speeches. I have seen many more videos that I think they could have added to this collection of videos.

One of my favorite parts of this website is their “Meet the candidates” page. This page has all the Republican candidates seeking to stand against Barack Obama in the presidential elections. It has a short background story on each of the candidates, where they’re from, what they want to accomplish, whom they’re supported by and whom they’re not. This background story is very basic, but it also links to a more in-depth profile on the candidate that gives a better look to who they are and what they want to do.

The page is timely, updated at least once daily.

My favorite part of this page is that they have a nice graph of the popularity of each of the candidates over time. It combines polls from different sources and take them together to create the most accurate poll. You can click on each source and compare the differences between the two, which I think is great, because it gives the poll just that much more credibility.

Right underneath the poll is another great interactive. You can put two candidates next to each other, click an issue and see how they compare on the subject. Though this is an easy summary that breaks down their stances on the issue on a really basic level, it is definitely lacking a few fundamental issues that are very important, such as education, or view on the war.

The website is entertaining an interactive, but could have some more in-depth information on the election. I think most people are interested in the basics of news, they don’t have time and want quick bites of information that make them a little more informed. But for the few that do want to be fully informed, they’re not going to get all the information they need from BBC.


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