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Recommendations for BBC

In News Website Analysis on May 19, 2012 at 3:52 am

To further stimulate the growth and reputation of BBC, I have a few suggestions. I think overall the BBC does a great job, but there is always room for improvement. For these recommendations I looked at all my past analyses of the site, as well as reviews on BBC on other websites.

I’ll start from the very beginning – the website at first glance. Recommendations for change that are immediately obvious, are the following: the website feels as if you are not going to find a lot of content. There is a lot of negative space on the pages, which makes it seem

Overall the design of the website is clean and nicely organized. The website has a distinct layout that really sets it apart from other news sources. I do have a few remarks and points for improvements, however.

  • There is a lot of negative space on the pages, which makes it seem like the website lacks significant content.
  • The use of Gill Sans, Helvetica and Arial, as the three fonts is unexciting and not particularly professional. A better choice would be Georgia, like the NY Times, or a combination of Cambria and Times, like the Washington Post. The website is distinct enough with their choice of colors already.
  • Content should be more towards the top of the page. To get everything you need to do a lot of scrolling.

I do not have a lot of remarks on improving the content of the website. Overall the text is easy to understand and nicely written and there is just a huge amount of content. Some points of improvement though:

  • Sometimes it is too basic. It gives a lot of quick bites of information, but it can be hard to find the real in-depth story, particularly for the information about the U.S. Presidential Elections. 
  • The mobile app actually has very little content on it. Though people on mobile are mostly looking for short and choppy news, with about nine stories per continent this is just a bit too little.

Of all points, BBC does worst on user interactivity. Both on the social platforms like Twitter and Facebook and on the main website.

  • They should allow visitors to comment on stories. Right now submitted comments don’t show up on the website and that’s a shame because a discussion of news articles by users can be interesting for both the journalist and the user.
  • BBC should converse with the community and colleagues more on Twitter. BBC rarely asks a questions, retweets or replies to something from someone in the community, or comments on their own stories, rather they just post headlines.
  • An idea to increase readership could also be to make use of the Social Reader on Facebook.



BBC Analytics Examined

In News Website Analysis on May 19, 2012 at 3:51 am

When reading analytics of I found out some really interesting things that I had no idea of before. There are only 49 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than However, according to Alexa, a big problem is that the load time of the website is really slow, in fact 63% of websites are faster, which seems strange for such a popular website.

Another thing that I thought was very interesting is that it scores a little above average on audience between the ages of 18-34, below average ages 35-64, and above average again with 65+. I wonder why the middle aged group is underrepresented, and I can’t come up with a good answer for that. 

Compared with internet averages, the site’s users are very disproportionately Caucasian, and they are disproportionately childless men that browse from work.

I am not at all surprised that it scores much over average with people who have graduated from graduate school. The website clearly attracts an intelligent audience, BBC is a very reputable source for news, and it shows in their audience.

The reviews on about the BBC also resonate that BBC is a good source for news. Facebook User writes “Best news site….just been redesigned…not the nicest! But still the best content!”

Overall reviews on the website are really positive, though some people note some disadvantages. Bobthefrog says ”only downsides are some weak content in some areas (it tries to do too much I feel) and i-player viewing expires quickly which can be annoying in terms of TV/radio content.” It’s good to look at reviews like this, because I had never noticed any i-players being expired.

There is no surprise in the upstream sites. All the websites preceding the visit of, are the general top 10 of websites, like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia. The biggest audience, 40%, of the website comes from the UK, it is therefore no surprise that the first preceding website is

More than 400,000 website link in to BBC, which improves their ranking in search engines and is prove that the website has a good reputation.