About Doris

Doris Molenaar is a junior at the University of Maryland, studying Psychology and Broadcast Journalism, for a career in multimedia journalism. Doris is originally from the Netherlands where she was actively involved in making videos, but traveled to the United States to attend the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

In the summer of 2011, her sophomore year of college, Doris started an internship at Discovery Communications where she independently created original content for various Discovery websites, including, where she was in charge of the blog “Bizarre Crimes,”, where she was a contributor to “Animals in the News,” and, where she wrote mostly historic content. Realizing that Doris had become an essential asset to the digital media team at Discovery, she became a part-time employee in September 2011, mostly producing content for the website of the new upscale men network ‘Velocity.’ There she was forced to educate herself on what torque means, how shock absorbers work, and why eight cylinder engines are so cool, and essentially to love cars.

Doris has a passion for photography and can often be spotted behind her beloved DSLR camera. In the future -after acquiring a broad set of both technical and journalistic skills- she hopes to make a living assisting audiences in maintaining a balanced view about relevant events. And equally important to her is going beyond ‘scratching the surface’ – to use professional skills in delving deeper into stories that deserve scrutiny.

Doris is a person with wide interest, both in the ‘grand themes’ in society, as well as in whatever drives or influences an individual. She is very curious by nature and gets heaps of energy delving into any subject whether familiar or not


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